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30 Day sobriety challenge's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
30 Day sobriety challenge

30 Day Sobriety Challenge
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[October 19th, 2006]

[ mood | geeked ]

I'm afraid to do this now.
To quit meth there must be a reason to quit, a good reason. Health, family, friends, love. They aren't enough to get you to quit.
I need to find a reason to quit. Otherwise I can't participate in this challenge come January.


[October 4th, 2006]

According to Erik, Jeff looks like shit. He's been doing meth for so long now and I just fucking blame myself.

Erik: :-\ better than all the time i suppose...or month long binges. have you seen jeff lately?
Me: nuh-uh
Me: i can't see him
Erik: he looks like shit
Me: he's destroying himself
Me: when did you see him last
Me: ?
Erik: last night
Me: oh man
Me: whats goin on with him?
Me: his cell got turned off i think
Me: god i feel awful
Erik: hes just not doin too good...hes hella dirty and got the meth bumps or whatever their called, its really depressing
Me: if i was still going out with him.... he probably wouldn't have gotten this bad
Me: intervention much?
Erik: yeah, if hes still all tweaked out in a week or so we gotta pull one of those
Me: I mean, I know I use meth and other hard drugs, but seriously, he just can't stop
Erik: mhmm
Me: and I do feel like it's my fault because I got him back into it sorta, I never told him to go buy drugs, but I never told him to stop

This just makes me wanna stop using for a while even more.

[September 27th, 2006]

3 months 6 days until the challenge begins. Erik "Hex" is now going to be trying the challenge with us.

Welcome Erik

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